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Today we celebrate our two year anniversary of our changed life style. When we initially embarked on this journey we just wanted to get fit. Last year we looked forward to meeting our 1 race per month goal and while for some 12 races of any kind in a year might not seem tough for […]

Shortly after I finished my first Half marathon in 2012 I stumbled upon the website of the Texas Independence Relay and loved the idea of doing that.With just a half under my belt and being running less than a year this was not a relevant option. This year I kinda forgot about it, and also […]

Today was a very frustrating day for me. I got up after 6hrs. of sleep hurrying up in order to get in the office earlier than usual. Why? You ask. Well I recently looked at my truck financing and saw that I am running at a 3.9% interest rate with almost 4 more years of […]

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook debates about gun control have been soaring. While one group is focused on passing stricter gun laws, the other group is fighting this and asks for more protection. Nevertheless it seems to me that no one really uses some common sense. Fact is that guns have been around for […]

For today my coach put a 26mile ride on my training schedule. I got up at 7:30am and was excited. Blue Flash and I haven’t spend time together since last year. He recently just got back from his friends at Bicycle Plus all ready for the new season. After I got up I cleaned the […]

Due to work and the early fall of the night we don’t manage to go out and run during daylight in the winter. While running in the dark has it’s drawbacks (can’t see where you are going, need to carry extra lights) it is just fantastic in the holiday season when all the houses are […]

Last week I wrapped up my first week of records. I run for over 40miles, trained a total of ~13hours, had my longest ride ever with over 40miles and that ride was also the most climbing with just shy of 2k feet; this all lead to an accumulated training stress score of over 1,000points. Not […]