2 Year anniversary of Erin & Tim 2.0


Today we celebrate our two year anniversary of our changed life style. When we initially embarked on this journey we just wanted to get fit. Last year we looked forward to meeting our 1 race per month goal and while for some 12 races of any kind in a year might not seem tough for some it turned out it was rough for us.

Both of us got our toes wet in triathlons and we liked it so much that we took advantage of the early bird special offered by Dallas Athlete Racing and signed up for a bunch of races with them for 2013.

At the end of 2012 we got in contact with Skechers, who accepted us into their sponsorship program. We love all the Skechers shoes we tried so far.

My season was going to have two peaks, with an A race early and late in the year. My first A race was a joint venture, the 50k Cowtown. Many say a 50k is tougher than a Half Ironman. Well it was tough! Training for it required a lot of running miles in the North Texas winter. On New Years day we finally had enough of running in the cold and rain and joined a gym in order to have treadmill access. Another plus is that our gym offers a really nice 25m pool and it is located the same distance from our home, and our workplaces.

Nevertheless the 50k took a toll on us as we both had to battle minor injuries. But I was extremely happy to have great shoes that took the stress away from my feet. Even though I was a bit skeptical about minimalist shoes for a 50k a t first, it worked out perfect.

After this race Erin had to shift her focus on school while I spontaneously joined a team of 7 to conquer the 200m relay from Gonzales to Houston. This was a very different experience (in a good way) and on top of it I made new friends.

From there on out the focus was shifted toward triathlons. Erin kept her focus on the sprint distances while I was going to increase distances in order to get ready for my second A race: The Austin Half Ironman.

To ensure I will be well prepared I enrolled the help of the Mineo Athletics coaching team. Looking at my training schedule I have no doubt that I will finish the HIM, at this point the question will be if I can beat 6hrs? time will tell…

Our recent race was the Disco Triathlon in which I elected the X-50 distances. With 1 mile swim, 40mile bike and 9 mile run it was close to the Half Ironman (1.2;56;13.1).

We understand that not every year can come with new records.Therefore Erin will dial back for next year with half-marathon as the longest distance, which will allow her more time for school. Currently my idea is to start strong into the year with redemption on the 50k, 6 weeks later a Half Ironman and another 6 weeks later my first Ironman. But I know that this might not happen, life, health and other things can get easily in the way.

Looking back on the last 12 month I:

  • Dropped another 24lbs
  • Run for 225 hrs (1,290miles 3.5miles a day)
  • Biked for 150 hrs (1,832 miles 5 miles a day)
  • Swam for 91 hrs (117 miles 0.3miles a day)
  • finished a 50k
  • finished several triathlons
  • finished several Half Marathons (and broke 2hr)

So stay fit my friends!


One Response to “2 Year anniversary of Erin & Tim 2.0”

  1. Way to go you two! Congratulations on all your accomplishments and here is to a healthy, happy, fit, fast and fun Year 3!!! Miss you guys!

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