Texas Independence Relay Part 4 of ?


It has been a while since I posted the last segment about my relay experience.

With the run now being almost one month in the past memories start to dwindle. Therefore I am very motivated to write down as much as I can remember before it is too late. Though in the first 3 segments I covered very exciting moments of the event.

My 3rd leg would be my first night run. At home I had run late in the evening and early in the day during the winter. I used some handheld lights and a bike light tail light, combined with my reflective vest. Those runs had been in my neighborhood, the area where I know the streets, the route, the dogs, basically it is an extension of my living room. For the relay I would be running in the middle of Texas in the middle of the night. Knowing that total darkness would surround me I bought a $80 high quality running headlamp at REI earlier this week. As much as I do not like to violate the “nothing new on race day” rule, I just did not have the time to take my new lamp for a test run.

So there I was at the starting line in the darkness ready to go. As I was about to start after 11pm, I instructed my team to head to the checkpoint and get some rest. I knew that a 5 mile leg would not be an issue for me, especially with the low temperatures. When I started I had lights of other runners in front of me. I pushed the pace and passed them one by one until, well until I was out there without anyone in front of me. No support van next to me, just me and the Texas Darkness in a beautiful spring night. I could hear coyotes howling in the woods that surrounded me, but my newly obtained light provided me with excellent view of the roads and my legs just carried on.

I got to the exchange after a little less than 39minutes, the other team was ready to run and  awaiting me. Once they headed out I looked down the road and saw hundreds of white van’s. Well in one of them would be my team… Off I went to find our van…

Once in the van we had a quick discussion if we would try to find a place to eat (at midnight in the middle of no-where in Texas, lol) or if we would just go ahead to our next exchange point and get some zzzz’s….


Find out next what we decided upon!


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