Texas Independence Relay Weekend Part1 of ?


So here I am sitting in the Megabus on my way to Austin.I have not been on a bus in a while. The last time I took a bus in the us was about 17 years ago when I took a Greyhound from SanFrancisco to visit a friend of mine somewhere else in California. This ride was not the best, but not the worst. Hey some random guy thought I looked like i needed money and gave me $50!

This time around a lot is different. The bus now has free WiFi, which in the first ten minutes is a hit or miss. I got with me a smart phone, a book (the lore of running) that would last for hundred of bus rides and my new surface (on which I am typing as I ride). Also I am a few years older and we all know with age comes the desire for comfort.

The crazy thing about all this is why I am on the bus: To run in a 200 mile relay across Texas! It may not sound as bad,but think about it: You will be running at night in the middle of nowhere, just with some blinky lights and headlamp. Around you are scorpions, snakes, bob-cats, coyotes and maybe even cougars and jaguars! Even more dangerous things such as homo sapiens in motorized vehicles, possibly under the influence of alcohol. Well that is scary right?

Also think about the fact that for 34hours you will get little to none sleep. At no time more than 4hours a piece. Yeah we all stayed up, drank and partied all night. Though remember, that was in our early to mid 20s! In a relay you don’t party you exercise heavily! And again you are not in your 20s anymore.

Not crazy enough? How about the fact that I don’t know any of my 7 team mates? I answered to a post in an internet forum. I believe in the words of a friend of mine who is a pro-triathlete and has been in the sport for a while. He stated he has never meet someone who is not a great and nice person in the sport of triathlon. Which is why I am sure that all 7 will be great team mates.

I often ask myself why I am interested in doing these endurance things. I was never a very athletic kind of guy. My whole family is rather the couch potato fraction, except for my mom. Maybe it is that I am somewhat like my mom. She travels everywhere in the world, by herself with old friend or just finds new friends. I am certain that this lifestyle of her is why I am here right now. Out to explore something new, a new country, new friends and at the same time another test of my own limits. At the same time I see something of my dad in me as I travel. He likes his electronic gadgets and his comfort and now take a close look what is traveling with me: smart phone, tablet, GPS, camera (with GPS). At the end it truly looks like I am the kid of my parents. And talking about it I want to say thank you to both them for supporting me to the best of their abilities anytime, who being there for me when I needed them and for leading by example.

Now coming back to my question on why I am doing this… Well I still haven’t figured out why I do what I do. Some do it to this to test their own limits, some to excel themselves to new limits, other for bragging rights, some for  cause to raise funds, some just want to be healthy and go overboard  and many more reasons. For me I think it is about testing my limits and seeing how far I can push myself. Also to meet new and exciting people, be out in nature, stay fit and healthy and have fun.

But lets talk about the bus ride…

The other travelers in the bus are a really mixed crowd, mostly students so it seems. Luckily no one that looks scary by any means. I think I am the only crazy on the bus, haha. The ride is pretty bumpy it seems more bumpy than a car/truck, truly some of this is due to the roads. Nevertheless the comfort is suffering. Luckily the bus is only half full, so everyone got 2 seats for themselves. I think tables like in a plane would be nice, because you somehow need to put your laptop on your legs. Not really very efficient. My seat is in the emergency exit area, therefore I got 6 feet of leg room, the other seats look tight though. Having full power outlets is a plus, I guess with my gaming laptop I might be putting them to the test (as other outlets had given up on me when challenged with the gaming laptop), nevertheless for a conventional laptop they are just fine. The rest room is a big plus, but due to the movements of the buss the man are requested to use the facilities in the seating position. Given the fact that the restroom is a upgraded porter-potty this does not seem appealing by any means. As a result man can choose to be rebellious at the risk of pissing all over yourself.


With about one hour travel time to go I will close this section and open a new one soon….

Stay tuned! 

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