It’s relay time!


Shortly after I finished my first Half marathon in 2012 I stumbled upon the website of the Texas Independence Relay and loved the idea of doing that.With just a half under my belt and being running less than a year this was not a relevant option. This year I kinda forgot about it, and also was worried I would not be able to find 7 to 11 other crazies to do this with me.

By pure coincidence I noticed a post in the Beginner Triathlete Forum from someone that there team had an open slot for this relay. So I figured this was meant to be. I inquired what they are looking for, just to make sure that you had not be a sub 4minute miler…

After this was deemed a fit I now had to convince my coach that this would be great. I knew she would not be happy since we are in the preparation phase for my first Olympic triathlon.

Next I had to talk to my awesome sponsor (Skechers) as I initially offered to man the booth at the Dallas Rock’N’Roll Half marathon. Luckily they where cool with me going on my relay journey.

After getting my bus ticket for the MEGABUS, I signed up for the relay.

Today I got some last minute supplies at REI such as a sleeping bag and GU Roctane.


Now I will just somehow need to manage to sleep 3 more nights….


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