Why I do this? –running-


Today was a very frustrating day for me. I got up after 6hrs. of sleep hurrying up in order to get in the office earlier than usual. Why? You ask. Well I recently looked at my truck financing and saw that I am running at a 3.9% interest rate with almost 4 more years of payments. Currently some manufacturers offer rates at 1.9% and with the economy picking up I expect rates to go up sometime in the future. Long story short I got approval to buy a new truck. Therefore I made an appointment to test drive two different variants in order for me to zero in on what I want to have.

Shortly before noon the dealer send me a note that he only had one model with the air suspension I am looking for and that was sold last night. Hence there was no longer a point for me to go there for lunch.

Further I assumed a brand new 2013 truck would get a way better MPG than my 2010 Avalanche. But on paper, not so much. Which is really strange. So that was another bummer.

And then for lunch I tried a Hormel dish… OMG that was one of the worst microwave lunches I had in a while! So disgusting that a dry Wasa was needed to get that taste out of my mouth!

Our bank who tried to argue with me that I have a Visa and not a green card did not get back to me till 4pm. They are being so difficult that I am now considering shopping around for the best refinance deal. I though about staying with our bank to keep things simple, but why should I if they are everything but a pleasure to work with?

My hopes of leaving early got crushed by someone else’s need to stay late, as I close up the building usually.

Finally out of the office I was on my way to pick up the presents for my wife. Once again it was proven that those who can read have an advantage in life. Because would I have read the paperwork I would have not missed to bring one document. Off I left to come back some other day.

By the time I got home it was after 7pm, the winds where strong and the night was dark with big rain clouds looming in the sky. The fact that the new map pack for Call of Duty released today did not increase my motivation to tackle my 10 mile run. I was even so unmotivated that I send a text to my coach bargaining about mileage today and the next two days. Luckily I have the nicest coach and she gave me some liberties with the next 3 day mileage as long as I would get in 22 in total.

With that little spirit left I went out the door, planning on 4 miles. Then it happened:

Once I was in my run I started to feel better, the frustration from today started to fuel my legs. Before I knew I was 2 miles in my run at a solid sub 9min/mile pace (Tuesday run’s are always slow due to the on setting weekend fatigue). I started to think if I would do 6 miles or 8, or maybe the planned 10… I did settle for 8, but only because I was starving and the stretch from mile 4.5 to 5.5 is not in my favorite neighborhood (and I was not prepared for a sketchy realm run).

During my cool down I thought about my run and my other runs and realized there are many reasons why I run:

– It clears my mind

– It gives me hours of talking time with my wonderful wife

– It keeps me fit

– It lets me get in touch with my surroundings

– It does and will allow me to over come challenges I never thought of considering (Rim2Rim2Rim anyone?)


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