What is wrong with our society?


Since the shooting at Sandy Hook debates about gun control have been soaring. While one group is focused on passing stricter gun laws, the other group is fighting this and asks for more protection.

Nevertheless it seems to me that no one really uses some common sense.

Fact is that guns have been around for hundreds of years and mass shooting are a recent phenomenon. So obviously there are some other factors for sure.

On my way to work I heard the advertisement for the new movie “Mama’, which started today. It is advertised as a very twisted movie, shocking, scary and will give you nightmares for weeks. After hearing this I was expecting a rating of NC-17 or at least R. But boy was I wrong, the movie is PG-13!

So let me get this straight, there is a movie wish aims to terrify you and put your mind into so much distress that it can’t clearly process the perceived “art work” for weeks and as a result you will have nightmares and this as a country we believe is suitable for 13 year old kids? REALLY?

When I was a kid movies like Thelma & Louise where for 16year olds and up. Just to put this in comparison.

Watching scary movies for adults than can distinguish reality from fiction is fine, but exposing minds of children to horror will most likely have long term effects. One of these effect might result in the one or other kids to go crazy once they are older. Are there any long-term studies on the effects of horror movies on kids?

I don’t know if there are such studies. Nevertheless looking back in time and looking at what changed, it certainly is the exposure of children to all kinds of violence. Violence more realistic in video games, violence more bluntly displayed in movies, movies no accessible to a younger crowd.

What is wrong with our society that despises violence, but yet exposes our children to out in an increased manner?


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