Training the 4th discipline in the 4th season


For today my coach put a 26mile ride on my training schedule. I got up at 7:30am and was excited. Blue Flash and I haven’t spend time together since last year. He recently just got back from his friends at Bicycle Plus all ready for the new season. After I got up I cleaned the floors, the cat dishes and the water fountain. Afterwards my wife made me some awesome French Toast which I requested the day before. A glimpse out of the window revealed blue skies and sunshine, which in Texas normally is the sign for a nice warm and sunny day. Once the food was somewhat digested I put on my cold weather bike gear. At this point I should note that living in Texas my cold weather gear is:

  • -shoes
  • -socks
  • -summer bib
  • -leg warmers
  • -long sleeve hooded jersey
  • -bike jacket
  • -fleece arm warmers
  • The attentions reader might notice that none of that is really true winter gear. But hey, we are in Texas we don’t have a real winter.
  • So I set out for my 26mile ride.
  • The first 5 miles took me south on BeltLine Road and it felt great! As soon as I turned I realized the wind had been in my back and now I would be facing some brutal head winds.
  • My 26mile ride turned into a 1.5hour coldest. At 39F (4C) and winds with up to 23mph (37km/h) it was miserable from time to time.
  • It was at these moments when I realized that today’s ride was not just about bike fitness, but more about the mental toughness. The will power not to turn around, the will power to go out again the week afterwards. It is as they say:
  • ‘Ironman are not made on 140.6 miles, they are made mile after mile, day after day in training over years’

Oh, yeah my coach said I could ride the trainer for 1.5 hours, but where is the fun in that?


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