‘tis the season of records


Last week I wrapped up my first week of records. I run for over 40miles, trained a total of ~13hours, had my longest ride ever with over 40miles and that ride was also the most climbing with just shy of 2k feet; this all lead to an accumulated training stress score of over 1,000points. Not counting for the calories burned I spend for not being in a coma I was ~4k calories under, assuming 400 calories a day for my desk job I was ~6.7k calories under.

I felt every second of last week and especially the weekend in my body today. I was tired at work and got a headache. Nevertheless I headed to my swim after dinner and pushed trough my workout. I know already this week will be tough. I have a bit more miles to run and I plan on doing about 4 miles more on the bike. To give it a little kicker my 15 mile Saturday run will be broken out in leisure 6 mile warm-up and a 15k (9.3mile) race. And with my new power-meter I will have some extra motivation on the bike.

Though next week is my recovery week. This means for me more food and less work-out. That will be a well deserved break before I start the 3 week cycle of increasing mileage again.

Why does this make the season of records? Well it’is simple. Last week was my highest train & run volume. But I am only half way into my 21 week training plan for the 50k. So for the next 10 weeks (excluding recovery weeks) I will set a new record time after time with the peak of my 50k (31mile) run.


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