Sunday Burning


The morning started with me deciding to sleep in an extra hour. Erin woke up and was feeling bad and seemed sick as a dog. So I had a quick breakfast and then drew out my plan for the day. I had 4 hours to spent and decided to do a 2hour bike and 1.5 hour run. Wel my bike went a bit over 2 hours thanks to the crazy idea of hitting every big hill in neck of the woods. Hence a new record in feet climbed on a ride! WHOHO!

Since I ran late my run time was reduced to less then 1.5 hours for 8 miles (after running 13 yesterday and 30 total this week). I pushed hard to hit a 9min/mile and actually wrapped up 8 miles at a ~8:45 min/mile!

As a result of my time crunch I had lunch on the road in form of stinger waffles and duff energy drinks.

Once back home I kept myself busy with cleaning litter boxes and taking care of sick-Erin, who had recorded a record fever of 103ish! 😯

So while Erin was burning up, my legs where burning from my run+bike and my arms have some sun burn…

Well happy burning first advent!


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