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Due to work and the early fall of the night we don’t manage to go out and run during daylight in the winter. While running in the dark has it’s drawbacks (can’t see where you are going, need to carry extra lights) it is just fantastic in the holiday season when all the houses are […]

Last week I wrapped up my first week of records. I run for over 40miles, trained a total of ~13hours, had my longest ride ever with over 40miles and that ride was also the most climbing with just shy of 2k feet; this all lead to an accumulated training stress score of over 1,000points. Not […]

Sunday Burning


The morning started with me deciding to sleep in an extra hour. Erin woke up and was feeling bad and seemed sick as a dog. So I had a quick breakfast and then drew out my plan for the day. I had 4 hours to spent and decided to do a 2hour bike and 1.5 […]