The end of the 2012 season is near


Before this year begun I set myself an athletic goal. Never once before in my life did I define a long term athletic goal. I think finishing my first 5k in September was my first athletic goal ever. The next goal of finishing the CowTown Half Marathon was a crazy idea, almost just a dream. I had 5 month to go from finishing a 5k to train for a half marathon.

But this did not stop me to define my big 2012 goal: At least one race per month, regardless of length (5k to whatever).

At first it seemed easy to me, did my 15k in January as a prep for the half-marathon a month later.

After the 13.1miles in February and the 5k in March, I felt it was going to be a walk in the park.

But later in the year I realized that one race a month (or more) is a true challenge.

I had a HalfM where I toed the line with a hurting knee, forcing me to run/walk strategy.  A 10miler right after a 2 week vacation of relaxation and overeating, with the goal of finishing in 100minutes or less, became a tough race. The 9.3miles in July followed by the 13.1 in August took a lot out of me due to the Texas heat.

Now I am about 2 weeks away from the Jog’r Egg Nog’r 15k. This will be my last race for this season. But it is more than just a race.

On the one hand my 50k training plan has me down for 15miles, so I will start with a nice 6mile warm-up run before kicking of the 9.3mile race. On the other hand this race offers a Clydesdale class (which is unusual for a run), but I did sign up as an age grouper. There are two reasons for this, one I simply might be below the 200lbs threshold once race day comes around, more importantly though, I won the Clydesdale class in my last race. This is a note on which I feel I should leave the Clydesdale ranks (forever). Not many can say that their first season racing they raced as a Clyde/Athena, won the last event and then dropped their weight below the limit!

(I know the limit for 2013 is raised, but by the time 1.1.13 comes around I will be below the 2012 weight limit).

So at this point I look forward to my last 2012 race to successfully wrap up my first long-term athletic plan.


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