The 2012 election or how a little hope died.


Oh well, it would have been nice to see a president in the office who cares about American values. I left a socialistic country because socialism just does not work. It is against human nature and stops any progression in its tracks, by providing a soft cushion for those that leech on society. At the same time top performers will seek out to capitalistic friendly countries, leaving those that work hard (middle class) behind to pick up the tab.

Besides the obvious flaw in socialistic politics, the current president failed to deliver on his promises the first time around. There is no doubt in my mind that he will keep his track record and keep on disappointing. Leaving American troops out in the field for his convenience, but at the same time looking to those very troops to do his dirty work. Guantanamo was supposed to be closed a while ago, but somehow the world has forgotten about it and no one cares anymore that this camp is still running.

Looking at the American map we can see a clear divide of the country. While the union of the states is generally a good thing, it might be time to question the power of federal and state regulations. The European Union harmonizes matters, but still allows countries (some significantly smaller than US states) to elect their own government.

The two party system is definitely a pain point. Many probably felt no fully comfortable with either presidential candidate. A broader mix of public servants in the congress and the senate might result in more progress and deeper discussions. I believe debates and discussions are good, they might take a long time to come to a conclusion but results are often better. With only two sides to an argument little progress is achieved.

I guess it is time now to sit out the next 4 years. Maybe stock up on large magazines, assault rifles, debt and quit your job. Because someone will take care of you anyhow.


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