1 Year anniversary of Erin & Tim 2.0


Today my wife, Erin, and I are celebrating our 1year work-out anniversary. 365 days ago we decided to change our lifestyle to the better, focusing on healthy eating, weight loss and regular exercise.

When we started our reborn life we just wanted to life better, shortly after we made this decision we went to a clearance sale of borders and for a few bucks I picked up the book “Marathoning for Mortals”.

This book gave me the understanding that with some training everybody can do a marathon. It also broadened my horizon about triathlon. I remember soon thereafter talking to my dad about all the different distances in a triathlon and we agreed that anything beyond a sprint must be pretty much impossible.

Our first logged on July 23rd 2011 was 2.63 miles in 35:17, that is a 13:24 min/mile. We started with a weekly workload of 2:45 hours and 8.69miles. My weight back then was 265lbs (at 6’6”). This with the goal to be ready for our first 5k run on September 3rd. This was going to be our birthday present for my 32nd birthday.

At first we thought a distance of running 3.1 miles was nearly impossible. In owe did we think of our friend Thomas who had run a few marathons and that he might be doing 3.1 miles on a daily basis.

After we finished our 5k in 36 minutes, we decided to give Erin the present of finishing our first half on February 26th 2012.

Now after our first year in our newly found lifestyle I can look back on:

  • – 141 running hours for 683miles
  • – 53 biking hours for 787 miles
  • – 43 walking hours for 127 miles
  • – 23 swimming hours 19.6 miles
  • – 12 racing hours of 65 miles
  • – 5 hours of golf
  • – 4 hours of strength training
  • – 3 5k foot face PR 25:54
  • – 1 10k race PR 1:01:04
  • – 2 15k races PR 1:44:37
  • – 1 10 mile run PR 1:40:54
  • – 2 Half-Marathons PR 2:20:07
  • – 1 Sprint Triathlon (400m, 11miles, 2miles) PR 1:03:55
  • – Weight loss of 50lbs (putting my BMI at the 25 range)

But after one year our journey has just begun. We are pursuing strong our goal of one race per month in calendar 2012 with 2 half-marathons and a Triathlon booked and 2 open month. While we are struggling with some minor injuries we learned in the past twelve month that they can be overcome while training for the events.

We already have big plans for 2013. While we will back off from one race per month we are already signed up for a half marathon and a 50k Ultra marathon. In September we plan on finishing a Half-Ironman triathlon and I might take a look at the Hotter’n’Hell 100-mile ride.

With recently joining the local Triathlon group “Tri Junkies” we hope to have found a new family that will accompany us on our journey and give us the support and strength that I will need to finish the full distance Ironman Texas hopefully in 2014.

But this is a long road ahead of us and we will keep you posted on our progress.

With this being said:

Congratulations to my wife Erin on the successful re-launch of Tim & Erin!


2012-07-15 09_04_27


One Response to “1 Year anniversary of Erin & Tim 2.0”

  1. Way to go Erin and Tim!!! It is pretty special to be able to train with your spouse, building on that relationship and along with your physical training! Keep it up! Jill Heyerdahl, fellow Trijunkie!

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