Body count increased to three, or why men should only clean in the garage…


As some of you might know my wife and I follow the slogan cats instead of kids. So it is little surprise that we have 5 wonderful cats. Each and everyone of them ahs there own kinks.

Beaker is very shy and spends most time by herself on the fridge watching everything from a safe distance. Once the sun goes down she will surely tell you that it is time for her kitti treats.

Kaiya is the ultimate cat diva. She needs to be the center of attention, also she normally gets what she wants.

Admiral von Schneider was an outside cat, that decide to move in. Since ever then he is extremely human (Tim) focused and needs to be around me at any time.

Major Tom is a little more affectionate and he used to play fetch with my. Nevertheless from times to times he will eat to fast and throw up. Also on occasion, when he is really upset with us, he will pee in the middle of our bed.

General Custer is the biggest of them. With a weight of close to 20pounds he is a heavy and slightly overweight cat. Ironically he is also very skittish. Despite the fact that he is also the strongest cat, he for sure is not the leader in the pack. For some reason he is the one that likes to pee on our carpet. He does that in order to communicate with us, but since neither my wife or I speak ‘pee on carpet’ we have a hard time understanding him. This is probably why he keeps peeing on the carpet. He sued to prefer a spot in the dining room and another in the small ‘guest’ hallway. During the winter break 2010 we replaced those carpet areas in a DIY manner with laminate.

This really threw him off his game. Unfortunately the pee free carpet did not last too long. He soon moved his location of dialogue to the ‘master hallway’ connecting the master bed room with the living room.

Since this is a small area and we frequent it regularly, we do notice the pee smell. And this is nothing we like.

So while my wife was on the phone with her bff Saturday morning I had a great idea on how I could make her a nice surprise.

First I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the hallway. Next I soaked the three pee spots with carpet cleaner. Then I switched the vacuum cleaner to a hot carpet steamer. This was when I had the greatest idea ever: GRAB THE BLEACH.

Now the second best idea followed: POURING BLEACH ON THE PEE STAINS! That for sure would get it out.

Jumping forward in time, I had just applied the hot steam cleaner to the carpet was when I realized that the pee stain are gone. With the pee stains also some of the carpet color had left…

As my wife just said: I take bleach stains over pee stains any day…

So after the non washing machine washable mattress cover, the non wash machine proof curtains we now have the man-helping-in-the-household victim number three: “Non-bleach-proof carpet”….





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