Osama is dead, so what is next?


For sure there is a lot of coverage about the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Everyone with some kind of title has a comment about it. Those reach from the speeches of victory to the condolences of the death of a great leader.

Nevertheless the hunt for the number 1 of the US most wanted list now came to an end. It won’t be long before Osama can no longer be the face of the international terror. Once this happens the terror will become what it really is: The fear of the unknown. Taking out the head of the Al Qaeda organization is a victory, no doubt. Nevertheless this is not the end of the war.

His financial means reflected only about 10% of the organizations wealth. Since the majority of the money is made illegally it will be difficult to dry up the remaining 4.5 billion dollars.

I am certain the US has information about the possible successors, who now are waiting in order to take over the wealthy organization. But this is what concerns me personally, we may now have opened the doors for those who want to follow into Osama’s footsteps to make a name for themselves by committing gruesome acts of terror around the world.

It seems that in the euphoria about victory, Ms. Hillary Clinton is one who did realize the issue in hand as she re-communicated the message to the Taliban: “You cannot wait us out. You cannot defeat us. But you can make the choice to abandon al-Qaida and participate in a peaceful political process.”. Maybe those that do not bow to the misguided believes of terror should raise the Gadsden flag besides the flag of their home country, in order to honor those that fight and fought for what we have achieved and to warn those that are reluctant to honor what we will achieve.

After the US accomplished the 10 year old goal of capturing Osama bin Laden, it needs to find a new goal. Just as in everyone’s personal life, once you reached your set target, the happiness, resulting from accomplishment and self pride, will not last forever. In order to avoid trapping yourself in the following disorientation, which is the result of not being able to see a path, as there is no destination set, you will need to define your next major milestone in conjunction with stepping stones that are en route.

There is an old German saying: “Ruhe dich nicht auf deinen Lorbeeren aus” which means “Do not rest on your laurels”. Further is there a saying “ Wer rastet, der rostet”, meaning “Who rests will rust”.

In conclusion, we can not only raise our flags and expect the latter and the recent events will suffice to ensure the final victory over terror. Then we must be honest to ourselves and admit that taking down Osama was not the target, rather a stepping stone in the war against organized terrorism. Therefore we must keep up the effort and support of our troops in order to ensure we do not collect any rust, which then may result in a vulnerable spot through which someone may intrude and steel our well earned laurels.




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