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So not too long ago I finished up a private meeting in which I was accompanied by the little green robot who offered my news from around the world. Don’t worry I have not gone crazy, even though it might sound like it It was at this point that I realized today is the end […]

First of, this will a Blog about something else than Osama, 9/11 or any other topic that is related. The news coverage is over extensive. Further does it seem recent events have opened the doors to whom that like to believe in what other do not believe, to broadcast there, usually less than professionally researched […]

For sure there is a lot of coverage about the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Everyone with some kind of title has a comment about it. Those reach from the speeches of victory to the condolences of the death of a great leader. Nevertheless the hunt for the number 1 of the US most wanted […]