The erosion of common decency?


So today I have seen a new record. Within 20minutes of me putting in an application for an open position I received an e-mail that I “have not been selected for this position”. It took the HR department less time to get back to me than it took me to put my application together. Which is obvious as it was titled to “Sir or Madam:” this means clearly that there was no time used in order to read my supplied documents.

While prospective employers always ask for references, current & previous employers often have policies prohibiting managers/HR to issue references. Let’s think about this, you are not going to issue a reference, but expect a person to have one when they come to you? Somehow this does not seem logical.

Companies expect that individuals carefully read the job posting prior to applying. This makes sense, as this reduces the amount of applications coming in and therefore the time the hiring company needs to spend on going through the received documents. After that wouldn’t it make sense that it is now up to the hiring company to do the same with the resumes received? Nevertheless, it seems as often provided documents are not handled with the same respect; respect to the time the applicant used to apply for the position.

In the business world open and honest communication is desired. A small and polite “Thank you” goes a long way, just as a “No, thank you”. Therefore it goes without saying, that every application received should at a minimum deserve a notification to the applicant, even if it is of negative nature. But once more it seems as those posting jobs today do no longer bow to the basic rules of communication and thereby just ignore candidates that are not of interest.

I understand that the job market is though and I do not expect to be considered for every job I apply. Nevertheless it seems as employers have lost any kind of decency in dealing with job applicants.




One Response to “The erosion of common decency?”

  1. 1 Kristina

    Good stuff, Tim. You made some really interesting points here.

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