The first, the first and the first again


It’s only been 5 days since my last update, but it feels like weeks have passed.

We have typical Dallas weather, rain in the south and nasty hail in the north. Which makes me wonder why the more expensive places to live are all in North Dallas (Plano, The colony, etc.)? Wouldn’t you want to live somewhere where you don’t have your house blown away once a year?

Yesterday I got a call from a company that would like to talk to me about possible contracting opportunities and teaming me up with a recruiter to help find a fulltime position for me. I had similar calls before, but this time it is a legit company. Further did they ask for professional business attire. I hope a suit and tie will suffice. But they also asked for two references from previous supervisors.

So not only is it my first time (somewhat) interviewing for a job in the US, no also it is the first time I need to produce a list of references (overnight).

Since I went strong on my job search, I developed an Access Database to track with whom I applied when for what position. Today I then decided to enhance that database in order to include my (relevant) contacts, link a resume of mine per contact and generate an e-mail to that person by the push of a button which then includes my resume and asks if the person agrees to be named as reference.

Again the first time for me to code VBA that crosses from one application to another.

On a totally different note I managed to close insurance agreement with a new provider. Getting insurance the first time in the US was scary, but now switching is even worse. While our house is currently insured, they still will send out an inspector. Also I am wondering why the same coverage can now be 25% cheaper? This is really a lot of money.

I guess at the end this is part of USA.




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