So many changes (or how being unemployed can be good)


Since I was laid off in November of last year I was not able to work, as my VISA was company specific. Normally the application for work authorization takes no more than 90 days, meaning I should have been able to go back to work in March. The catch though was that I never got my Biometric appointment, even though this normally happens within 2-3 weeks after your application is received. The Biometric appointment is when the immigration office takes your fingerprints and picture to run a background check and also put this picture and fingerprint on your work authorization and late green card. Though I wonder why I needed to submit two passport photos for the work authorization card?

Good News is, that you can contact a call center from the immigration office if your application is beyond the timeline. Therefore I called the number after my application passed the 90day window. As a result the call-center lady (who was very nice) opened a ticket for someone to get me the Biometric appointment. After opening the ticket you need to hope it works out, as you can not call and inquire about progress for another 30 days. Luckily after that time you can open a new ticket….

When I called 20 days later in order to open a ticket for the lack of progress on my green card application, yes I did open another ticket, I inquired about the ticket opened earlier. Surprisingly there was no progress…

At this point in time I wrote to our congressman. He and his staff are GREAT, as soon as they got involved I got my appointment for the Biometrics. This was appointment finally happened on 04/04. No longer than ten minutes to take fingerprints and get a picture taken. Than 8 hours later I received an e-mail that my card entered production and should be received within 30days. Needless to say that I did not like the idea to wait another 30days. Also the fact that I received another mail telling me the card entered production on 04/07 did not increase my warm and fuzzy feeling.

This Monday two more e-mails, telling me that a invitation for a personal interview in regard to green card had been send out and that my work authorization card was approved. Approved? So the card gets printed, twice, and then it gets approved? Sounded like a strange order in the process.

But the biggest surprise was when I got the mail on Monday. There was the interview invite already and my work authorization card (which actually had been approved on 02/11…).

Now I can legally work in the US:

If you are looking in the DFW area for some one that has expertise in the areas bellow, please contact me:

Strategic Thinking
Contract Management and Negotiation
Project Management
Sales Support
Claim Management
Technical Aptitude
Change Management
Accounting Guidelines
Productivity (Kaizen, Lean, 5S)
Asset Management
Financial Planning and Analysis

or look up:




One Response to “So many changes (or how being unemployed can be good)”

  1. HOW DO YOU DO . . . unemployment

    Or maybe your company is just the worst financially managed in the world and instead of investing in more stock control it bought shares in MySpace. When everyone was cutting back it did an America and spent big on a viral video that didn’t go viral, didn’t even go septic. Even when the cleaners were saying. “Oi dickhead, aren’t you overdoing it a bit,” they plowed on buying that plow to turn the Gobi dessert into rainforest so they can grow monkeys to harvest them as menial workers.

    When the monkeys rebelled at being fed peanuts and demanded bananas, the money dried up along with the tea and coffee so you drank hot sugary milk water, then hot sugary water, then hot water, then cold water, then toilet water. They sold the computers; consequently all the designs and reports had to be done with a Spirograph and a setsquare. Prior to the heave ho, you worked in candlelight on cardboard with chalkstones you found at the side of roads. After the final indignity of being paid in monopoly money, you resigned.

    more at:

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