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In order to use my time between jobs as good as possible I conducted an extensive price research for our insurance needs. After obtaining numerous quotes I was able to determine the best combination of home and auto insurance. In the end the newly quoted prices will save us a little bit more than 1,000 […]

So today I have seen a new record. Within 20minutes of me putting in an application for an open position I received an e-mail that I “have not been selected for this position”. It took the HR department less time to get back to me than it took me to put my application together. Which […]

It’s only been 5 days since my last update, but it feels like weeks have passed. We have typical Dallas weather, rain in the south and nasty hail in the north. Which makes me wonder why the more expensive places to live are all in North Dallas (Plano, The colony, etc.)? Wouldn’t you want to […]

Since I was laid off in November of last year I was not able to work, as my VISA was company specific. Normally the application for work authorization takes no more than 90 days, meaning I should have been able to go back to work in March. The catch though was that I never got […]