Tim’s tales of tires and toes


When I dropped my truck of for an oil change yesterday I did expect to be out of the dealership in no time.

Well, somehow someone managed to slice open my front right tire with the attempt to lift the truck. I can still not imagine how you can miss use a lift in a way that it destroys a tire.

With my luck it was sure that the dealership did not have ‘my tire’ in stock. Therefore I am driving now by the usage of my spare tire. Hopefully though I can head back there soon to get my rim and a brand new tire put on. The oil change was free, so as the coupon for a car wash. This will be the first time ever the truck gets a bath since I bought it.

Later that day, basically at night, it was time for me to go to bed. Of course my wife had been asleep for some. I got sucked in by a game that I rented from blockbuster. Being a good husband I make my way in the bathroom through the bedroom without turning on any lights. Resulting in hitting my right toes on the bed.

Even though we did not win the lottery yesterday I see this as a lucky day:

Free new tire, free oil change, free carwash, good haircut, no broken toes and as always a wonderful wife.


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